As AI technology becomes more popular, only people who are good at AI trends will be needed and will play a crucial role in guiding the AI revolution in their companies. AI Krushna provides the best Chatgpt Training in Pune.

Generative AI’S Impact

Do you want to Level-Up in Generative AI?

We Have offline and online course on Generative AI.

Training for Companies & Colleges ​

AI Mastery (for corporate companies and colleges)

(Offline Training)

Training for individuals

Training for Companies & Colleges ​

AI Mastery (for corporate companies and colleges)

(Offline Training)

Training for individuals

Chatgpt Training in Pune

What is in this course?

Learn how to use generative AI in this revolutionary course ! 

We will teach you practical step-by-step techniques to master cutting-edge tools like CHATGPT, MIDJOURNEY & many more  and supercharge your work like never before.

By using AI tools you can save upto 2 hours a day.

Note: No prior AI experience is required!

Chatgpt Training in Pune

Who should join?

Chatgpt Training in Pune

How AI will shape tomorrow’s world?

AI is going to be a game-changer, revolutionizing industries.
Don’t fear it; let’s be friends with it!

Why is now the best time to join?

Program Trainer

Mr. Mahesh Shrimali
(Generative AI & Chat-GPT Expert)

Hi, I am Mahesh J. Shrimali, Generative AI & Chat-GPT Expert & a CEO at AI Krushna. I help Working Professionals, Digital Marketers & College Students master AI skills with ease & consult for top brands to make them more productive with AI.
I founded my own training & consulting academy which has trained over 450+ students and professionals just in the last 4 months. As a Marketer & Ads Expert, I have worked with multiple brands. After successfully running my Startup (AI Krushna), I look forward to sharing my knowledge & experience with you.

Our Course

AI Mastery (for corporate companies and colleges)

(Offline Training)

AI Mastery (for individuals)

(Online Course)

About Company - Chatgpt Training in Pune

AI Krushna is not your typical AI training startup. We’ve been on a thrilling mission: “Unlocking Your AI Potential”. We’re the bridge between you and AI. Whether you’re a college student dreaming of high packages, a professional wanting to leverage AI in your business decisions, or a lifelong learner fascinated by AI’s potential, we’ve got you covered. At AI Krushna, we don’t just teach AI, we inspire a love for it. AI Krushna is one of the best Generative AI training institutes in Pune that provides the best Chatgpt Training in Pune. So, join us and be a part of the AI revolution. Together, let’s make the future smarter.


“Building A Future Where Every Learner Is An AI-literate Innovator.”


“Our Mission Is To Simplify AI Learning, Making It Accessible And Practical For All.”

Explore limitless opportunities with Generative AI

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Generative AI & Chat-GPT Training Session

Seminar Conducted at Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy

Seminar Conducted at G H Raisoni College of Engineering and Management

Seminar Conducted at Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Studies, Akurdi

Seminar Conducted at DR. D. Y. PATIL B-SCHOOL

Seminar Conducted at Government College Of Engineering And Research, Avasari Khurd

Seminar Conducted at GOYAL PROPERTIES.

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